Hyperbaric Testing on Subsea Ball Valve

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Tyne Pressure Testing has completed a series of subsea verification tests for an Italian manufacturer on an 18” ball valve and hydraulic actuator to support a project in Malaysia.

Prior to the test, a computer aided design (CAD) model of the 18” valve was submitted to ensure the valve could be tested in hyperbaric chamber TPT 5, one of the largest chambers in the world. When clashes were presented against the chamber’s operating parameters, the client repositioned the manual override interface on the gearbox to ensure the valve could be tested.


The client visited the site to view the facility and verify the equipment before the test was scheduled. Tyne Pressure Testing communicated regularly with the client to answer any queries before the equipment arrived on site.

Due to its size, the valve arrived dismantled and was re-assembled by Tyne Pressure Testing engineers in the site’s dedicated assembly area.

The seven day test involved 200 operational cycles to verify that the valve and actuator could withstand a subsea operational environment. The test was part of a full qualification test in accordance with API 6DSS Annex G, a qualification which details the testing requirements and conditions for valves and actuators operating in subsea conditions.

This was a really positive project for Tyne Pressure Testing. Being able to utilise our large hyperbaric chamber for an 18” valve and actuator of its size and rating was challenging but also satisfying to complete.

Paul R. Smith
CEO at Tyne Pressure Testing


Once the test was complete, the equipment was dismantled and shipped back to the client within seven days.

The 18” ball valve was verified to be installed at its location in Malaysia. Future projects have been scheduled for a range of ball and check valves.

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