Tyne Pressure Testing is a specialist pressure testing facility dedicated to providing expert testing services to a variety of sectors.


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Hyperbaric Testing

Housing nine chambers that can pressure test as high as 1,500 Bar/21,755 psi in chambers up to 6.5 metres long.

Hydrostatic Testing

Suitable for testing subsea and topside products in the oil and gas industry, our hydrostatic chambers can test up to 3,450 Bar/50,000 psi.

Temperature Testing

Simulation of extreme operating conditions from -160°C to +300°C is conducted within our environmental testing bays.

Gas Pressure Testing

Conducted within testing bays measuring up to 6m long, this testing involves either nitrogen or helium gas.

On-site Testing

Carried out at a client facility, this type of testing is preferred by clients with high volume componentry either fabricated or manufactured at their premises.


Comprising of a 50 tonne overhead crane, high door access and customised tooling, the assembly area covers a range of services all managed by time-served personnel.

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Hyperbaric Chambers

Our facility offers nine hyperbaric testing chambers ranging in size and pressure capability including the world’s largest, commercially available hyperbaric chamber which can simulate water depths down to 4,500 metres.

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Case Studies

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Subsea Oil & Gas

Tyne Pressure Testing performed hyperbaric ingress testing on a set of harnesses designed for a subsea environment within the oil and gas industry.

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Subsea Oil & Gas

Tyne Pressure Testing performed hyperbaric cycles to test a series of ball valves to ensure that they could withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of a deep sea setting.

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Subsea Defence

Tyne Pressure Testing partnered with a defence industry manufacturer to carry out leak testing of electronics enclosures installed on a manned underwater craft.

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