TPT Chamber 5

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Hyperbaric chamber TPT 5, one of the largest hyperbaric chambers in the world, is a six million pound investment at Tyne Pressure Testing.

Its unique high pressure rating compared to others of its size means it is capable of pressure testing whilst simultaneously testing at temperatures down to -2˚C. Hyperbaric chamber TPT 5 has an internal length of 4.5 metres and can pressurise up to 450 Bar/ 6,526 psi, simulating water depths up to 4,500 metres.

Automated controls and an interactive loading table support greater efficiencies with an ability to load, fill and fully pressurise in under 90 minutes. This chamber also benefits from being fully automated meaning any natural fluctuations in the likes of pressures and temperatures are self-regulated without the need for manual overriding. Automated controls are also used to simulate the movement of components within pressurised environments.

Clients using this chamber will receive a full electronic report of all test data. All chambers are available for 24/7 independent or assisted hire.

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Diameter:2.50 m
Length:4.50 m
Depth:4,500 m
Maximum Pressure:450 bar/6,526 PSI
Working Temperature:Ambient to -2°c


Number: 10Size: Ø3.75"Size: Ø95mm
Number: 3Size: Ø7.87"Size: Ø200mm

At a glance

High pressure

Remotely controlled

Maximum pressure of 300 Bar

Receive an electronic test report of all data

Horizontal orientation

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