Hyperbaric Testing on a Tubing Hanging Penetrator



Tyne Pressure Testing tested a tubing hanging penetrator for a world-leading developer and manufacturer of high quality quick coupling systems.

The penetrator, which has a length of 2.2 metres and a height of 800 mm, is used to control equipment electrically and hydraulically within a subsea environment.

Hyperbaric testing was carried out to ensure the functionality of the electrical assembly and verify that the engagement and disengagement of all elements could function safely at various pressure combinations during operation.


Hyperbaric testing chamber TPT 5, one of the largest chambers in the world, was used due to its size and ability to test to pressures experienced at 4,500 metres below sea level.

The hydraulics of the tubing hanger penetrator were pressurised up to 10,000 psi/690 Bar and the chamber was pressurised to 300 Bar to simulate the pressures of a subsea environment. Hydraulic connections, electrics and linear transducers were installed on areas of the penetrator to replicate the functioning of the equipment when operated in a subsea setting. This included a number of mating and de-mating operations at various subsea depths.

Two of the client’s engineers were on-site during the five day testing period to assist and record the results. Tyne Pressure Testing provided an all-encompassing service with access to; hyperbaric chamber TPT 5, pressure test equipment, hydraulic equipment, data capture software, electric test equipment and break out offices.

Paul R. Smith, CEO at Tyne Pressure Testing, said: “Controlling not only the pressure inside of the chamber but also inside of the component was challenging, however a really interesting project to work on.”


The penetrator successfully passed the test and was qualified as fit for purpose to work within a subsea environment.

Our nine hyperbaric pressure testing chambers provide the flexibility to suit various components in terms of both size and pressure. This, along with an understanding of client requirements and the demands of global industry standards, means Tyne Pressure Testing continues to be a preferred partner for engineering contractors requiring destructive testing for products designed for the oil and gas industry.

Hyperbaric Chambers

Our facility offers nine hyperbaric testing chambers ranging in size and pressure capability including the world’s largest, commercially available hyperbaric chamber which can simulate water depths down to 4,500 metres.

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