Hyperbaric and Electrical Testing on Umbilical Termination Head and an Electrical Flying Lead

Oil & Gas


Tyne Pressure testing has partnered with an industry-leading company in technology for subsea oil and gas producers, to conduct hyperbaric and electrical testing on an Umbilical Termination Head (UTH) and an Electrical Flying Lead (EFL).

Hyperbaric and electrical testing took place in chamber TPT 5, where the UTH was tested down to water depths of 3,400m and the EFL was tested down to 1,100m.

An engineer from the client visited the site to demonstrate the testing procedure. Following the demonstration, a standard operating procedure was created to allow for the electrical testing to be completed without supervision from the customer.


In order to validate the components for use in subsea conditions, various hyperbaric pressure cycles were completed, as well as an insulation resistance test to ensure there were no leaks or integrity issues.

A subsea connector was used to connect the component to the chamber’s penetration flange. This creates an interface from the component inside of the chamber, to the outside where electrical testing is performed.

The series of tests were completed in accordance with API 17F which demonstrates the standard for subsea production control systems as the subsea electrical power standardisation (SEPS) for power, connectors, penetrators and jumpers with a rated voltage of 3kv to 30kv.

A representative was on-site to oversee the testing and give regular updates to the client.

This project gave us the opportunity to develop our key skillset with electrical testing which is great for the team. We are pleased to have continued our relationship with the client and look forward to working with them in the future.

Paul R. Smith
CEO at Tyne Pressure Testing


Both units assed the pressure testing and met the industry standards to verify the umbilical termination head and electrical flying lead for use on projects within the subsea oil and gas industry.

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