Tyne Pressure Testing worked with BuTech, a US manufacturer, to test a series of ball valves to ensure that they could withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of a deep sea setting.

Testing was carried out on a two-way 10K ball valve, as well as a three-way 10K ball valve to ensure that they would meet industry standards set out in API 6A/17D.



Ideal for testing small diameter ball valves, TPT Chamber 4 was used to run 200 hyperbaric cycles, with pressures reflecting water depths of 4,140m, along with 600 endurance cycles. TPT Bay 1 was also used to carry out a total of 200 environmental cycles, comprising of 160 cycles at ambient temperatures, 20 cycles at 121°C and 20 cycles at -18°C, ensuring that the ball valves met industry standard API 6A PR2.

The testing was overseen by our experienced on-site engineers and a client witness present for the critical steps of the process. The witness was provided with a post-test document pack containing raw test data, test record sheets and certification.

Scott Reib, Product Manager at BuTech, said: “The offshore oil industry requires that valves being used on critical equipment deployed to the ocean floor go through extensive testing to insure their performance.  Tyne Pressure Testing was instrumental in helping us achieve this qualification for our subsea ball valves.  Tyne Pressure Testing is one of only a hand full of companies that can perform this type of testing and their knowledge and professionalism made them our obvious choice”.



During inspection, the data confirmed that both ball valves passed and therefore met client and industry standards. This confirms that the valves can withstand extreme pressure and temperature variations and are therefore suitable for deployment in a hostile, subsea environment.

Gavin Coleman, Business Development Manager at Tyne Pressure Testing, said: “We were delighted to provide BuTech with a successful conclusion of both comprehensive test sequences to validate the product’s design robustness. With many products destined for critical service applications, we are excited to support BuTech on an array of new technology qualification programmes.”

With conventional test bays and environmental chambers, coupled with nine hyperbaric chambers on-site, we can facilitate prolonged test sequences that satisfy qualification in accordance with industry standards API 6A, 6D, 6DSS and 17D. With a workforce holding decades of experience in the execution of oil and gas production componentry testing, Tyne Pressure Testing continues to be a preferred partner for manufacturers requiring valve and actuator FAT and qualification.



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