In the spirit of the New Year, we reflect on the development of our Tyne Subsea premises, which is being purpose built to provide pressure testing services for products in a variety of sectors.  

In early 2017 we began work on our new site at Killingworth, just north of Newcastle, which when complete will be home to five hyperbaric pressure test chambers that can simulate water depths down to 4,500 metres.

The hyperbaric test centre will be devoted to providing hyperbaric pressure testing services, as well as conventional pressure testing up to pressures of 2,000 bar.  API qualification testing and certification is also available.

Developments to the Pressure Testing Facility

In the last twelve months, we have worked to progressively develop the facility, including:

Laying the foundations for the hyperbaric test chambers                      Overhead cranes up to 50 tonnes SWL                                                               A new nitrogen supply system                                                                      Three hydraulic pressure units (generating an opportunity to test a wider variation of products)                                                                                      Water and gas infrastructure                                                                              New office space for our engineers                                                                  New customer inspection and office accommodation                                          Remote monitoring and control centre                                                              New conferencing facilities                                                                                  A larger capacity deep water hyperbaric test chamber that can accommodate components up to 30 tonnes


Investment in Pressure Testing Equipment

We have invested in a new deep water hyperbaric pressure test chamber with internal dimensions of Ø2.5m x 4.5 metres long that will allow us to test larger subsea components than we had the capability to before. As well as simulating water pressures down to 4,500m (450 bar) the chamber also possesses the capability to simulate subsea water temperatures down to -2oc. Often, larger vessels are limited in their capabilities, as the size of a chamber usually means that the water depths and temperatures it can test to are low. However, our latest investment resolves this issue and allows us to reach those previously unobtainable subsea water depths and temperatures, without needing to compromise the chamber’s size or pressure rating.

To create a safer working environment we have installed an interactive working platform around this newest and largest hyperbaric chamber. This new automated sequence does not require manual intervention and will improve efficiency by reducing the time needed to load and prepare the chamber for product testing services.


In the twelve months ahead, we look forward to launching our new facility and becoming a fully operational subsea test centre. We will be transferring the remaining hyperbaric chambers to the new site later this year and the commissioning of our largest deep water chamber will be completed in the spring.

We wish you all the best for the New Year and look forward to what is in store for Tyne Subsea in 2018.





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