Tyne Pressure Testing Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

News 20-07-2021
Tyne Pressure Testing Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

Tyne Pressure Testing has secured Government backed, Cyber Essentials, certification.

Critical for working within the defence industry, the Cyber Essentials certification installs confidence that all documentation and sensitive information is safe from potential cyber-attacks or breaches.

As part of the accreditation, employees at Tyne Pressure Testing were educated and alerted to cyber-attacks, in order to ensure that security measures are in place.

Jeremy MacIver, Head of IT Operations for the British Engines Group, said: “We place the upmost importance on the security of our IT infrastructure. We regularly test and review our controls to ensure that we have the most robust defence to a potential cyber-attack. Being a Cyber Essentials manufacturer recognises this effort and is the industry leading accreditation”.

Paul Smith, CEO at Tyne Pressure Testing, said: “Achieving this certification was critical to demonstrate to our customers in the defence industry that we are capable of meeting the requirements in order to securely test sensitive components.”

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Hyperbaric Chambers

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