Tyne Subsea Becomes Tyne Pressure Testing

News 27-02-2020
Tyne Subsea Becomes Tyne Pressure Testing

From 2nd March 2020 Tyne Subsea will become known as Tyne Pressure Testing in order to appeal to a wider variety of industry sectors.

Since becoming fully operational last year, Tyne Subsea has had huge success in selling its services to the subsea sector; developing relationships with a range of major customers.

In addition, it continues to receive a significant number of enquiries and orders from outside the subsea sector; including aerospace, mining and nuclear.

Paul Smith, CEO at Tyne Subsea, said: “Feedback suggests that the name Tyne Subsea might mislead potential customers into thinking that the business only undertakes a certain kind of pressure testing within a particular sector.  Which is obviously very far from the truth; over the last 12 months we have been able to design a variety of testing solutions, including complex tooling requirements, for a wide range of sectors.

“Rebranding the business to Tyne Pressure Testing will reduce confusion around the services we provide and position us simply as a pressure testing specialist, to whichever sector requires it. This new branding and corporate identity enables us to market ourselves to other sectors more easily.”

Wondering how these changes might affect you?

Tyne Subsea has already begun to contact all customers and suppliers about these changes, but if you have a query about how these changes might affect you as a customer or a supplier, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Hyperbaric Chambers

Our facility offers nine hyperbaric testing chambers ranging in size and pressure capability including the world’s largest, commercially available hyperbaric chamber which can simulate water depths down to 4,500 metres.