Tyne Pressure Testing appoints new business development manager

News 03-06-2021
Tyne Pressure Testing appoints new business development manager

Tyne Pressure Testing is delighted to announce the appointment of Scott Davis as Business Development Manager.

Previously working within the British Engines Group as Project Manager at BEL Valves, Scott Davis has a wealth of experience working on major projects within the oil and gas sector. Throughout his career, Scott has spent time in sales and project management positions. During this time he has completed a HNC in Manufacturing Engineering and a Level 7 Diploma in Management Leadership.

Previously working with clients in the Middle East and the United States, Scott plans to enhance Tyne Pressure Testing’s current product offering as well as continuing to expand the business outside of the UK, working on projects in the defence, subsea, and energy sectors.

Scott Davis, Business Development Manager, said: “Being part of product development and witnessing the effect of internal and external pressure on materials is really interesting. I’m looking forward to building on my knowledge and working with a wide range of customers and products.”

Over the next six months, Scott plans to focus on raising brand awareness and further developing the Tyne Pressure Testing range of services.

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