Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) in the form of conventional pressure testing is a service which is commonly performed at Tyne Pressure Testing. This can be a simple gas test or hydrostatic test with minimal hold period at pressure or can encompass a series of back-to-back tests that will verify each independent sealing system within a final product assembly. Factory acceptance testing capabilities with respect to pressure limits reach 1,600 Bar with nitrogen as the test medium and 2,000 Bar for hydrostatic testing. Gas testing where adherence to API 6A PSL 3G is demanded is a test sequence regularly performed.

We are well versed in the execution of factory acceptance testing, be it as part of a high volume production run for one-off prototypes of new designs, or as part of periodic service work in order to verify that an already installed product remains fit-for-purpose. As part of our offering and to facilitate a turnkey service, we hold embedded relationships with various third party certifying authorities should a test sequence have witness requirements.

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