TPT Chamber 9

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Hyperbaric chamber TPT 9, a high pressure testing chamber at Tyne Pressure Testing, can test to extreme depths.

Hyperbaric chamber TPT 9 has an internal length of 0.67 metres and can pressurise up to 1,000 Bar/ 14,503 psi and simulate water depths of up to 10,000 metres. This chamber is ideal for testing small components designed to operate in extreme conditions.

Hyperbaric chamber TPT 8 is equipped with bespoke electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and data connections.

Clients using this chamber will receive a full electronic report of all test data. All chambers are available for 24/7 independent or assisted hire.

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Diameter:0.10 m
Length:0.67 m
Depth:10,000 m
Maximum Pressure:1,000 bar/14,503 PSI
Working Temperature:Ambient to -2°c


Number: 2Size: HP"Size: Autoclavemm

At a glance

High pressure

Remotely controlled

Pressurise up to 1,000 Bar

Receive an electronic test report of all data

Vertical orientation

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