We are dedicated to supporting research and development projects and have a track record of creating testing solutions.

This includes:

  • Producing new equipment for testing
  • Designing and manufacturing fixtures and penetrations
  • Developing bespoke tests to meet exacting client requirements


Our role is to support innovation. We achieve this through challenging or verifying the design and materials used within new products, in order to understand components’ limits.

We work with you to understand why a product does or does not work, or how it could be improved. This allows you to make changes to your product’s design and enables its success in the market.


Hyperbaric chambers TPT 7, TPT 8 and TPT 9 were all added to our offering as a solution to accommodate specific customer testing requirements.

Our expert and innovative technicians developed these three chambers to achieve the client’s specific pressure testing requirements and enable them to test electrical components up to 21,755 psi. This is equivalent to water depths of 15,000m, which is past the deepest known point on Earth.

We will always try to accommodate pressure testing requirements, even if this means looking at new ways or equipment for testing.

Hyperbaric chambers 8, 7, 4 and 9. (From left to right) Hyperbaric chambers 8, 7 , 4 and 9.


Penetrations into our hyperbaric chambers can be modified, and bespoke connections can be machined, to meet your specific project needs.

This allows you to communicate with your product throughout the testing process and enables data acquisition.

Our chambers accept hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and data connections.

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