Temperature testing up to +250°C, down to temperatures as low as -160°C, is conducted within our environmental testing bays.

Testing temperatures of -160°C to +250°C, alongside the application of high pressure gas, allows us to simulate extreme operating conditions and verify that your components can function under these conditions safely. Regularly we conduct API 6A PR2 testing, as part of this testing service.



Additionally our unique large hyperbaric chamber has the ability to simultaneously reach temperatures down to -2°C whilst testing at water depths down to 4,500m (6,526 psi). Read more about TPT 5 and its capabilities here.



Cryogenic or low temperature testing can be conducted at our facility in Newcastle upon Tyne. Testing to such low temperatures can be critical when components are intended for deployment within extreme environments such as the North Sea, or at high altitudes in the air.

We store liquid nitrogen on-site to allow us to reach incredibly low temperatures. We can achieve temperatures down to -160°C in order to meet our clients’ needs.

Sectors frequently requiring cryogenic testing:
  • Energy (nuclear) – nuclear waste storage containers
  • Transportation (aerospace) – brakes
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