What is hyperbaric testing?

Hyperbaric testing is the only way to ensure the reliability of products working under subsea conditions, or in other high pressure situations. The deeper underwater you go, the more the water pressure increases.

Hyperbaric testing is used to simulate these high pressures in specialist hyperbaric chambers.

How does hyperbaric testing work?

Products are placed in hyperbaric chambers, which are often cylindrical in shape, before water is injected and then pressurised using pumps.

For every 10 meters below sea level, a water pressure of 1 bar is exerted. So, if a product was going to be deployed at 1,000 meters below sea level, the weight of the pressure on that product would be 100 bar.

Can you quote the cost of pressure testing services as a one-off cost, daily rate and in different currencies?

Yes. We can quote the cost of our services and the use of our testing equipment as a one-off cost, or as a daily rate to meet your requirements. We can also quote in different currencies.

What does the cost of a full turnkey service include?

The cost for our full turnkey service includes: bay/chamber rental, skilled labour, test rig, consumables, specific tooling requirements and a final documentation pack. We can also include written test procedures if required. We can also arrange third party certification through companies such as Lloyds Register and Bureau Veritas.

What sectors do you provide pressure testing services to?

We can provide our pressure testing services to any sector, however if you would like to be reassured of our ability to cater to your requirements, please get in touch with one of our experts.

Can I rent your hyperbaric chambers to conduct independent testing?

Yes. As part of our flexible approach to supporting clients, we will gladly support requirements to conduct independent testing should there be a requirement to rent a bay or chamber only.

Do you have facilities for our employees to be onsite whilst testing takes place?

Yes, our clients have complimentary access to dedicated offices with wi-fi, as well as breakout areas, and use our conferencing facilities to allow them to work onsite whilst overseeing testing. Read more about our facilities here. 


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